SEC Football: Slive Upset with NCAA

Well, with SEC Media Days underway in Hoover, Alabama, SEC Commissioner Mike Slive started the day with a press conference and voiced pretty much everyones' opinions on the NCAA.  He believes that the NCAA (should in other words) stick to what its good at and leave some functions to others.  

Obviously, he was refering to the NCAA's discipline measures in eligibility, violations, etc.  The NCAA has been under fire for its controversial rulings as seen in the Penn State case, the Miami affair, the light penalties on Oregon, among others.  I believe the NCAA should leave penalization, eligibility issues, and violation rulings to the team's respective conference.  I think Slive would agree with this too.  

The only problem with this plan would be keeping the respective conferences accountable.  I think there would be no problem in the SEC with Slive running the show.  (Slive is a very competent commissioner by the way.)  The problem would be what would happen if for instance the Big 10 had to levy a penalty on Ohio State for some violation.  This is just HYPOTHETICAL.  What if the Big 10 decided the penalty for the violation would be very small and not fit the crime because OSU has a good shot for the BCS Title?  See what I mean? Its all about the money.  Anyway, this will have to be debated and discussed, but I believe this would benifit college football immensely.  

Other News at SEC Media Days

Steve Spurrier has always been an advocate for college players getting "pay for play."  This would be as Spurrier puts it "expense money."  According to a tweet by ESPN's Brett McMurphy,

"Spurrier said SEC fball & hoops coaches voted unanimously for fball & hoops players should be provided $300 expense money."

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