College Football: The Answer For College-to-NFL Early Issue


DE Jadeveon Clowny from South Carolina is projected to be the top pick in the 2014 NFL Draft and could have been in the last draft.  

Well, it's a question that has been hanging over everyone involved in college football and in the NFL.  The current NFL's rule on this issue (departing college to head to the NFL) is that you have to be in college for at least 3 seasons.  Some have asked questions about the fairness and constitutionality of this rule.  They think players should have the liberty to leave college whenever they want to and earn money or even skip playing football in college altogether.  

Now granted the latter is unrealistic.  A high school senior is not ready to play on Sundays.  But for instance, Jadeveon Clowney and even Johnny Manziel could arguably succeed in the NFL right now.  Now don't get me wrong, one-and-done is one of the saddest trends in college basketball and can't infiltrate college football.  


One-and-Done Is A Major Problem in College Hoops

Although every college fan hopes their team's respective star stays for all his college eligibility.  My solution to this problem is that any football player that wants to go ahead to the NFL can, but the player has to sit out every year left on his college eligibility.  That is fair and constitutional but also discourages departing to the Pros early.  

Either way, someone is not going to think the current system is fair.  But this is better than what is currently in place.  

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