Keys For Georgia Beating Alabama In the SEC Championship In December


1.  Throw the Ball and Do It Consistently

Jonny Football did it.  Aaron Murray is a good QB and has the potiential to be on highlight reels.  But he has not been consistentently good in big ball games.  Hopefully, Aaron will live up to the hype and will deliver in this huge SEC Championship.  

2.  Play Defense

We know you can do it.  You have Jarvis Jones, Alec Ogltree, Bacari Rambo and others.  Will Georgia have a South Carolina game on defense? Which was to say the least, sub-par.  Or will UGA play defense like they did against Florida.  

3.  Get a lead and control the clock

If Alabama can do it, so can we.  Led by dynamic freshman Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall along with power runners Richard Samuel and Ken Malcome.  Georgia should be able to do just that and maybe break some for TDs.