My Interview with NCAA Basketball Referee Doug Shows

Doug Shows and I

Doug Shows is an NCAA Referee that is assigned to the SEC and Big East.  Doug Shows has refereed since 1996.  The last game of the 2013 season he officiated was the 2013 NCAA Tournament game between Duke and Louisville where the Cardinals' Kevin Ware suffered a gruesome leg injury.  Here is my interview with the famous official.  

Me: What is the most memorable game you have ever officiated?

DS: Probably the national championship in 2011 between Butler and Connecticut in Houston in Reliant Stadium. Being the national championship, that was one of the highlights of my career.  

Me: What is your favorite college basketball arena that you have ever officiated in?

DS: Well, there are a lot of them.  I enjoy going to a lot of different arenas.  Each conference has a lot of large arenas with great crowds and great atmospheres, so there is not one in particular I really enjoy one over the other, but there are many of them.  Thay all have their distinct personalities and distinct histories, and that is what makes it a lot of fun to go to different places.  

Me: What is the most memorable sports moment you have ever witnessed?

DS:  There's been many of those situations.  A lot of great teams and a lot of great games that I have been involved with where you get to see last minute shots.  I would say the regional final (4th round of the 2005 NCAA Tourney between Arizona and Illinois in Rosemont, IL) in 2005 really kind of brings a real strong memory.  That game was a last second situation that went into overtime.  That game right there was amazing because one of the teams was down 15 points with 4 minutes in the game and came back and tied it and of course went into overtime.  

Me: If you don't mind me asking this, what was your most controversial call in other people's opinion?

DS: I think every time I blow the whistle it's controversial.  

Me: What basketball stars have you been involved with in an officiating situation?

DS: Well, there are many great players I have had the opportunity and  been blessed to work with.  Just several you can recall off the top of your head are Kemba Walker (UConn), Blake Griffin (Oklahoma), several guys from Kentucky, several guys from Florida, Big Baby (Glenn Davis) from LSU.  There's just been a tremendous amount of players that I have had the opportunity to be on the same floor with.  

Me: Thanks, Doug.