Miles, LSU Have Big Discipline Problem


Les Miles a.k.a. the Mad Hatter

Les Miles and LSU have a discipline problem.  The issue has been hanging over LSU but glossed over by the success on the gridiron.  It was brought to further light by the Jeremy Hill debacle.  On Monday, according to, Les Miles addressed the Jeremy Hill affair further.

According to Miles, Jeremy Hill was reinstated at LSU because he was unanimously voted to stay by his teammates.  Hill got up an apoligized in front of them for his actions.  In April, Hill was arrested and plead guilty to a charge of battery.  Hill was caught punching and knocking unconcious a 20-year-old male at a bar in Baton Rouge.  Hill walked off laughing.   

Here is the video someone took of the incident.  Hill was charged for simple battery misdemeanor and sentenced to 2 years of probation, 50 hours of community service, a written letter of apology to the victim, $375 torward the victim's hospital bills, and a 6th month suspended jail sentence.  Hill has to report to a probation officer each week and has to meet a curfew.  You think he should be forced to serve the whole sentence?

Well, too bad.

His judge Bonnie Jackson both kept him out of jail and made sure his curfew aloud for the few late games that LSU plays.  Wonder if she's biased? Just a thought.  

So, Hill was voted back to stay with the team.  Les Miles left it up to the players.  Would you rather lose your star RB or play without him? Hmmm, is this a trick question?

This isn't an isolated incident either.  Think back to the 2007 BCS Title.  Who was the quarterback? Ryan Perrilloux.  Perrilloux was suspended for one game for being involved in a fight on October 25, 2007, at a New Orleans Nightclub.  Then in February 18, 2008, Miles suspended Perrilloux indefinitely for violation of team rules.  

The New Orleans Times-Picayune reported that Perrilloux missed classes, workouts, and at least one team meeting.  Then in May 2008, Perrilloux failed a drug test due to marijuana and was finally kicked off the team by Miles.  

Tyrann Mathieu

Ok, that was in 2008, you say.  Well, let's travel to 2012.  Tyrann Mathieu better known as the Honey Badger was a Heisman candidate in 2011.  He was dismissed from LSU by Miles after a violation of team rules.  According to several news sources, Mathieu failed several drug tests.  

Mathieu quit school and enrolled in drug rehab.  Then after less than a month, Mathieu left the rehabe center and re-enrolled at LSU.  Les Miles hinted on maybe reinstating Mathieu on LSU, until later that fall, Mathieu was busted for marijuana again.  His LSU career was over. 

Jordan Jefferson, another teamate of Mathieu, was charged for second-degree battery and was suspended for 4 games.  Then in the fall of 2012, Jefferson was busted along with Mathieu for possesion of marijuana along with other former teammates. 

Face it, Tiger Fans.  LSU has a discipline problem.  One has to question the players' attitudes, the District Judge of the Hill case, and ultimately Les Miles. Would Miles rather win with guys who should be behind bars? Or win with integrity?  Just a thought.