Georgia Bulldogs 2-Deep Depth Chart Coming Out of Spring Ball

Photo I Took at G-Day Game


Starter: Aaron Murray

Backup: Hutson Mason

Running Back

Starter:  Todd Gurley

Backup: Keith Marshall


Starter: Quavon Hicks

Backup: Merrit Hall

Wide Receivers

Starters: Malcom Mitchell, Micheal Bennett

Backups: Chris Conley, Justin Scott-Wesley

Tight End

Starter: Arthur Lynch

Backup: Jay Rome

Offensive Line

Starters: Dallas Lee, Chris Burnette, Kenarious Gates, John Theus, David Andrews

Backups: Austin Long, Watts Danztler, Xavier Ward, Greg Pyke, Mark Beard

Defensive End

Starters: Garrison Smith, Ray Drew

Backups: Sterling Bailey, John Taylor

Nose Tackle

Starter: Mike Thornton

Backup: Chris Mayes

Outside Linebacker

Starters:  Jordan Jenkins, James DeLoach

Backups: Chase Vasser, T.J. Stripling

Inside Linebacker

Starters: Amarlo Herrera, Ramik Wilson

Backups: Reggie Carter, Ryne Rankin


Starters: Damian Swann, Sheldon Dawson

Backups: Devin Bowman, Reggie Wilkerson

Strong Safety

Starter: Tray Matthews

Backup: Corey Moore

Free Safety

Starter: Conner Norman

Backup: Quincy Mauger

NOTE: Josh Harvey-Clemons is a stud and should be a huge contributer in 2013.  He will play Star when UGA is playing a pass-heavy team.  When the team runs the ball, UGA shifts to their base D.  I don't know if Josh Harvey-Clemons will play S or OLB in base defense.