Georgia Bulldogs: Don't Blame Injuries, Bulldogs' D Let Us Down

It would have happened eventually.  A team can't keep winning shootouts especially in the SEC.  Georgia is not a national championship contender.  I tried to hope against hope that QB Aaron Murray and the Bulldogs would somehow get it done.  I was wrong.  

So who's to get the majority of the blame for Mizzou's 41-26 dismantling of the Bulldogs?  You could blame the poor performance of the dawgs on injuries of top playmakers. Injuries sure don't help, but it's part of football.  Get over it.

The Georgia defense is at most to blame for the loss to Mizzou.  The unit is atrocious to say the least.  Defensive coordinator Todd Grantham's unit has given up an average of 399 yards per game.  That's 65th in college football and 8th in the SEC.  The Georgia defense is giving up an average of 33.7 points which is 105th in college football and dead-last in the SEC.  Now to be fair, the Bulldogs have had one of the hardest schedules in the nation, but giving up 21 to North Texas and 31 to Tennessee is unacceptable.   

So who is accountable for Georgia's defensive woes?  Todd Grantham blames it on the youth and inexperience of his unit.  I am not buying it after Week 7.  Last season, it was suspensions that Todd Grantham blamed for Georgia's early defensive struggles.  The multitude of rushing yards given up throughout the season was not mentioned.  2011 was Georgia's best defensive season in several years.  The Bulldogs had great talent on the defensive side of the ball.  

In 2010, Georgia's defense was certainly mediocre.  Grantham said his players were just learning the system.  This year Georgia has a defense that has lost many starters to the NFL, but they still have good talent.  Should Georgia be having trouble with defensive assignments, confusion, and making stops when it counts after 6 games?

Damian Swann Has Struggled and Added to the Ineptitude of the Dawgs D  

The defensive performance is not fair to Aaron Murray and the offense.  When healthy, the Georgia offense has been insane.  They have done all the things they can do to put the Bulldogs in the right position.  The offense has bailed the defensive unit out every week.  It finally came back to bite.  

Overall I don't know what's wrong with the defense.  Is it poor performance of the players, confusion, or youth? I don't know.  Ask Todd Grantham.  Does he know? $825k says he should.