Kelly, O'Brien NFL Rumors-My Thoughts

Ok, supposedly, Chip Kelly will decide wether to go to the NFL or stay at Oregon in the next week or so.  O'Brien has announced that he will stay as the Penn State Head coach and that "I don't want to be a one and done guy."  What is more interesting is what he didn't say.  Now, obviously I don't know, but it sounds to me like he left the door open to possibly go to the NFL in the next several years.  I know its much harder to succeed in the NFL than in college coaching, but some can do it.  I think O'brien could because he has previously been in the NFL and you see how good former NFLers are at the college level.  For Instance, think Nick Saban, Steve Spurrier, Todd Grantham, Bobby Petrino, Jim Mora Jr, among others.  

I believe that Bill O'Brien would make a good head coach in the NFL, but Kelly would not.  O'Brien runs a pro-style offense that has been very successful at Penn State considering the lack of much talent.  The pro-style has worked and always will work at the NFL level.  That's one of the reasons the SEC has done so well.  SEC squads run pro-style type attacks predominatly and look at the success the SEC has had.  Since, you do this you get recruits to come so they can be coached up and ready for the NFL ranks.  That being said, Kelly of Oregan is an outstanding college coach, but I believe he would be a mediocre NFL coach.  He runs a spread offense that has had some success as seen in the Washington Redskins (they also have RG3).  I think Chip Kelly would have headlines all around him and his offense would be sensational and new early on.  I believe NFL defenses would catch up and he would not experiance as much success down the road.  

However, I can name several college coaches that would be great NFL head coaches.  For instance, Mark Richt of Georgia, Bill O'Brien of PSU, Bob Stoops of Oklahoma, Charlie Strong at Louisville, Will Muschamp at UF, among others.  It will be interesting to see if Kelly goes to the NFL and how he will fare.