NBA: Ready for Hawks-Pacers Playoff Matchup


Well, the college football offseason is very long and the UGA Spring Game has come and gone.  The big news this weekend is the start of the NBA playoffs.  Besides being a die-hard Georgia fan, I am also an Atlanta Hawks and NBA fan.  These are one of my favorite playoffs because each matchup has such a long series filled with drama. Its pretty much my favorite playoff in sports except the NFL Playoffs and of course College Football's Upcoming Playoff.  

Anyway, here is my preview for the 1st Round Series of an Eastern Conference Matchup of the Atlanta Hawks vs. the Indiana Pacers.

When: April 21-March 5 (if possible)


Game 1: Sunday, April 21st, 1pm on TNT

Atlanta Hawks @ Indiana Pacers

Preview:  This should be an interesting game and series.  Atlanta's high powered offense led by Jeff Teague, Kyle Korver, Al Horford, and Josh Smith vs. the physical Indiana Pacers Defense led by Danny Granger, Roy Hibbert, and Paul George.  It will be interesting how my Hawks will fare against this Pacers team that held its own against the Heat last playoffs.  Obviously, the Heat are the favorite to win it all this year, and I will be shocked if they do not.  But the NBA playoffs is a totally different animal than season play, and the postseason is a game of runs.  Back to the Hawks, the Hawks have been a good team of recent years being in the middle of the pack of seeds in the Eastern Conference.  They have yet to take that big step towards challenging for a title.  Let's see if this years any different.