Georgia vs. Clemson Proposed Move to Labor Day Night

Death Valley Will Be Rocking by Labor Day

When I first heard that Dabo Sweeny wanted this, I was excited.  Just think, a game in primetime on Monday night.  I still think it would be a good idea, but it would make the preparation for east foe South Carolina that much shorter.  Some have proposed that Georgia refuse the Monday night game.  I, on the other hand, think it would be good exposure and get Georgia in the spotlight early.  I think it would hurt us to not have a full week to prepare before South Carolina.  I propose that Georgia face Clemson on Monday night and move Saturday's Gamecocks game to Sunday.  It would give Georgia an extra day to prepare for the Ole' Ball Coach and it would be a good compromise.  It will be interesting either way.  Georgia has an off week after the grudgematch with the Cocks, and South Carolina hosts Vandy.