Bulldog Says Georgia Can Win a National Championship in 2013 (Interview)

Me with Current UGA Offensive Linemen Watts Dantzler and Hunter Long

Here is my interview of Georgia Bulldog Offensive Lineman Watts Dantzler and Hunter Long:

Me: Well, Watts and Hunter, its good to meet you, and I recently talked to O-Line coach Will Friend at last season's GHSA State Championship Game on how well the O-line has improved.

Watts, I will start with you. What drills have you worked on as an Offensive Lineman in the Spring and the rest of the offseason?

Dantzler: We do a lot of kick-slide stuff, you know, that's drills with our feet, making sure we're really going vertically down the line, or getting depth if we have to kick back at an angle.  Just pass-pro stuff.  

Me: Ok, Hunter, well I am sure it is easier for an offensive line when you have guys like Todd Gurley and Aaron Murray back there, and they are certainly talented, and I am sure its easier to know you have guys back there (the backfield) who won't collapse when they get hit.

Long: Yeah, in high school it was a little different, we (the O-line ) kind of had to do everything, make every hole, make sure it was perfect, and the running back would maybe find the hole maybe not.  But now with Todd (Gurley) and Keith (Marshall) and those guys, it's unreal how you just have to give them a little room then they are gone.  It's crazy to watch, and it's so much fun to play with them, and it's a lot easier too.  

Me: Watts, what are your personal goals for the 2013 season?

Dantzler: I would say definitely, as you know, to get more playing time and hopefully lock down a starting spot if available and a lot of things can happen this year.  We have a lot of depth on the O-line, and I think a lot of lineman will get to play this year.  I just want to prove that I am ready to play and can be definitely a starter.

Me: So, Hunter, think of the Alabama game and you all were so close to winning the SEC Title and going to the BCS Championship.  Alabama, they are known for their strong offensive line, and I can kind of see that's where Georgia needs to be to hopefully win a National Championship and are those aspirations realistic?

Long: Yeah, I mean that is absolutely realistic.  Like you said, we were five-yards away from the National Championship and most likely winning.  Just being that close, and I never won a state championship in high school or any championship like that.  So to get there and see it and see you fail right before your eyes was heartbreaking.  But being that good as Alabama's offense is, I mean, I think it is certainly possible for us to do that.  We were very close to doing that last year and with everybody returning except T.K. (WR Tavarres King on Offense) and Marlon (Brown), and we have a chance to do the exact same thing, but better.

Me: Well, it's great talking with both of you guys, and I look forward to seeing what both of you will do this fall.  Thanks.