Walsh Is A Perfect Example that Georgia Needs Help.

Blair Walsh Kicks a Feild Goal as a Viking

Six Bulldogs were selected to the Pro Bowl rosters.  Justin Houstin did not play due to injury, but the rest played.  The others from Georgia were WR A.J. Green of Cincinatti, CB Champ Bailey of Denver, CB Tim Jennings of Chicago, K Blair Walsh of Minnesota, and DL Geno Atkins of Cincinatti.  A.J Green caught 7 passes for 119 yards and 3 TDs.  I loved watching A.J. ball because he was one of my favorite players.  Blair Walsh made a slew of feildgoals including a 48-yarder in the first half he kicked it straight up the middle.  This made me sick, not because I don't like Blair Walsh, but because I am fed up with my Bulldogs.  In his senior season in 2011 at UGA, Walsh had a good career, but he struggled mightily throughout the season, topping it off with a block field goal on a low kick against Michigan State in the Outback Bowl.  Blair Walsh was taken by the Vikings in the NFL draft.  Special Teams Coach Mike Priefer of the Vikings said that Blair Walsh was a great kicker and that he was just rushing his kicks at UGA.  Sound Simple?  Ask Coach Richt.  I think Georgia doesn't want to hire a special teams coordinator for several reasons.  I think Richt does not want to spend any more money and add to his coaching staff.  That is my theory.  I also believe it is a little pride.  Georgia has had great kickers for many years without a special teams coach.  Really though, things change.  Richt has been too conservative at times in his coaching career.  Don't get me wrong, I think he has done a great job.  I fully support him.  Look at Marshall Morgan.  He was one of the top kickers coming out of high school.  He has struggled at Georgia.  I think he can turn out a good kicker.  I fell bad for him, nevertheless, because he has no coach to guide him while kicking in a high pressure environment of the SEC.  Georgia has not attempted many field goals based on the struggles in special teams and Georgia's explosive offense.  I love going for it in the red zone, but there are certain times you have to rely on your kicker.  Look at Oregon.  They lost to Stanford because their kicker missed a game winning field goal.  The Ducks would have undoubtly reached the BCS Title Game.  I am just saying.  Ask Mark Richt why he doesn't hire a special teams coach, and we can have a solid kicking game.  I don't want it to be a liability but a strength.