Georgia Bulldogs: Georgia-Auburn Rivalry in Jeopardy?


The Georgia-Auburn Series Is One of the Most Bitter Rivalries in the SEC

SEC spring meetings started this week in Destin, FL.  One of the biggest topics up for debate is the issue of SEC scheduling.  The current scheduling format is "6-1-1" with six permanent division games, 1 cross-division rivalry, and 1 cross-division game that rotates each year.  

Les Miles, head coach of LSU, wants to trash cross-division rivalries.  He argues that it is not fair.  He argues that some teams have an easier cross-division rivalry game.  Mile's Tigers get powerhouse Florida each season while teams like Alabama play Tennessee, which of late has been a gimme game.  He said,

"It's interesting to see how you would compare our (LSU's) schedule with others.  I wonder if there should be no permanent partners.  I wonder if we couldn't choose cross-division opponents through a random computer draw."

The current format for scheduling was installed in part to protect cross-divisional rivalry games such as Alabama-Tennessee, Georgia-Auburn, etc.  Coach Richt had this to say in an interview with David Mitchell of the Macon Telegraph.

"The one thing I will say I would vote on is to continue to have a rivalry game with Auburn," said Richt. He further commented, "I vote for us to continue to play Auburn...It truly is a rivalry game for us It's over 100 years we've been playing them."

If the Georgia-Auburn rivalry was ended, SEC football would not be the same.  This gritty grudgematch usually takes place in mid November.  It is a very close rivalry game as it is the oldest in the deep south and is one of the closest at 54 wins a piece.  

Each fan base hates the other, and it has been known for a physical, tough game.  I hope this rivalry never goes away as we would no longer see the Burnt Orange and Navy Blue of Auburn battle the Georgia Bulldogs when the fall leaves are on the ground.