SEC Football: A Future Hypothetical Schedule

Nick Saban of the Tide Has Won Back-to-Back BCS Titles

Nick Saban is now one of the most important voices in the SEC as he garners much respect for his three crystal footballs.  Saban has argued in SEC Spring Meetings in Destin, FL, that he wants the SEC to expand to a 9 game conference schedule.  He also argues that the SEC should schedule harder non-conference games.  

He argues all this because of the upcoming College Football Playoff will look at strength of schedule as a big factor in deciding who will be in that Top 4.  Some in the SEC disagree because they think it will be even harder to navigate through the even more grinding schedules.  Saban also argues for 10 BCS games per year (games against FBS schools).  Saban further elaberated on this,

"I would really like to see everybody play at least 10 games from the five major conferences," Saban said. "If you talk about trying to create some kind of strength of schedule, that's difficult to do. When we have six teams at the end of the season last year in the top 10 and other teams that are vying to get in the championship game -- and then to think the team that loses our championship game wouldn't have gotten into the final four if we'd have one -- that's not taking strength of schedule into consideration at all. It's taking how many games you lose into consideration.

"If we all played more good opponents, you could lose more games and still have a chance to get recognized as a good team."

I aggree with Saban and think we should increase the SEC's "strength of schedule", and also make sure not to mess with the cross divisional rivalry games.  I advocate that the SEC should get rid of non-FCS opponents all together.  The remaining three games should be a quality non-conference opponents or a non-conference rival.  My idea is a 6-1-2 format (6 divisional games, 1 permant cross divisional rivalry, and 2 rotating conference games).  Here is my blueprint for a future SEC schedule. Let's use Georgia as an example.

Georgia Bulldogs Future Schedule (6-1-2)

Week 1: vs. Florida State (at Atlanta)

Week 2: vs. South Carolina

Week 3: @Vanderbilt

Week 4: vs. Michigan

Week 5: BYE

Week 6: @Alabama

Week 7: @Tennessee

Week 8: @Missouri

Week 9:  BYE

Week 10: vs. Florida (at Jacksonville, FL)

Week 11: vs. Kentucky

Week 12: vs. Auburn

Week 13: vs. Arkansas

Week 14: @Georgia Tech

Hopefully, with a much harder schedule accross the league, several SEC squads will be in the College Football Playoff, and it will be great for the fans as well.