Looking back: The Controversial Suarez

When Uruguayan star striker Luis Suarez bit Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini in last Tuesday's game at the World Cup, shockwaves exploded across the internet and into houses across the globe.  Not only did it prove a hit to Suarez's career in the short term, it also hurt his team and lost the trust of many people.  This bite was bad enough, but it's not Suarez's only history of problems.

Yeah, he's done it before.  In 2010 when Suarez was at Ajax in the Dutch Eredivisie league, he served a seven game suspension after biting PSV Eindhoven MF Otman Bakkal. The same year he got in trouble for an intentional handball on a header bound toward the goal against Ghana. Fast-forward a year to Liverpool vs. Manchester United, Suarez received an eight game ban and was fined for racially abusing an opposing player.  

Then in 2013, Suarez bit Chelsea D Branislav Ivanovic and was suspended for 10 games.  What's worse after his most recent escapade is that Suarez denied biting Chiellini deliberately.  Suarez said, "I lost my balance, making my body unstable, and falling on top of my opponent." Well, we now know he's a liar too.  Watch the replay!  He clearly bit the Italian defender DELIBERATELY. 

The Infamous Teeth Marks Left by Suarez on Tuesday

The most glaring problem with Suarez is his biting scandals.  What could make a man bite another player out of anger? Apart from it being awful, biting is just strange and doesn't make sense for a grown man to do.  A normal soccer player's first reflex as a defense mechanism or act of aggression is to shove someone, or slide tackle them, or even elbow them.  But who bites? There is something clearly wrong with Suarez.  This guy has to have some type of mental problem and needs to see a psychologist. 

But of course this guy gets a pass because he is an athlete.  He's a good one as well.  He's considered by many as one of the superstars of soccer and was a major reason Liverpool experienced so much success in the EPL this season.  Suarez is a difference maker.  This is evidenced on the club level and at the international level as well.  

Luis Suarez Has Proven to Be One of the Stars in the Premier League 

After the public outrage of the Suarez bite last week, FIFA banned Suarez from nine international matches and a four month suspension from all football related activities.  He was also fined $112,000. This will not only hurt and has hurt the Uraguayan side, but it will also affect Liverpool FC as they will be missing Suarez for the early part of the EPL season.  Suarez will certainly regret his actions, but is the suspension enough? 

No, it's not.  It's his third biting offense as we have already mentioned.  The suspension levied by FIFA won't really affect Suarez's livelihood.  I mean; he has a net worth of 40 million dollars.  The fine is just a scratch on the surface of Suarez's wealth.  

What should happen is that he should be suspended from all football events for at least a year and have to pay more fines. That won't happen.  He's a great player which means more success and more money.  That's the bottom line. It's about money.  Funny how it blinds people, even when biting is involved.  

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