My Interview With Super Bowl Champion Chris Reis

Chris Reis who I recently met is a great dude.  You probably have never heard of him, but you probably remember the Super Bowl play he was a part of.  In 2009, in Super Bowl XLVI, the Saints trailed at halftime to Peyton Manning and his Indianapolis Colts.  The Saints came out and kicked and onside kick and backup Safety Chris Reis recovered the ball.  Here is his take on what happened and more.

Me: Take us the back to that play in Super Bowl XLVI.

Chris: Coming out of halftime, Coach Payton told us we were running Ambush which was our onside kick formation.  Many thoughts were going through my mind.  I wasn't even supposed to recover the ball, but the ball just bounced into my hands.

Me: That certainly was a huge factor in the score of the Super Bowl.  I am curious to ask you about the bounty scandal that occured that season.

Chris: Well, it was just really overblown by the media.  We were not trying to hurt anyone.  We just had a pool of cash given to a player that got this many tackles, and interception, and so on.  It was kind of like motivation to play better.  

Me: Well, its been good talking with you, Chris, and I am sure Coach Payton and the Saints will have success for years to come.  Thanks.

Chris: No problem.

Former Saints' Safety and Super Bowl Champ Chris Reis and Me

Chris is a great guy and has kept a positive attitude even after being cut by the Saints.  He sure made a great play that helped the Saints win the first Super Bowl in club history.  Chris has an organization called Reis Speaks and its purpose is to bring hope to others and reconcile lives.  Chris's dad, Mike, struggled with an alcohol addiction all his life, but was chalenged to change after he saw his son play.  Chris helped lead his dad to faith in Jesus Christ and he has been alcohol free for years.  This is a great story.  They have written a book on this called Recovery of a Lifetime.  Check out their website called Reisspeaking on our links.