Georgia Bulldogs: Mark Richt Takes Shot at Opposing SEC Coach


      Mark Richt Is One of the Most Successful Coaches in the SEC

Did Mark Richt make a subtle jab?  That's what I wondered when I read his comments via ESPN.  Richt said, 

"We've got a tremendous schedule this year, we know, " said Richt.  "I don't hear Coach Spurrier complaining about it this year."

Mark Richt is refering to Steve Spurrier's comments last offseason.  Spurrier said,

"You think I make the schedule?" said Spurrier.  "If I made the schedule, Georgia would be playing LSU, and we'd be playing Ole Miss."

Steve Spurrier was a Heisman Trophy winning quarterback at the University of Florida in 1966.  However, he was 2-2 against UGA including a 27-10 blowout loss to the Dawgs in his senior season.  Thus started Spurrier's hate for Georgia.  Spurrier was a great player, and he is one of the best coaches in college football.  He started his coaching career in 1978 as the quarterbacks coach at Florida.  In 1979, he was hired as the quarterbacks coach at Georgia Tech.  

In 1980-82 he was the offensive coordinator at Duke.  In 1983-85 he was head coach at the Tampa Bay Bandits, a former USFL organization.  In 1986-1989, he was head coach of the Duke Blue Devils and went 20-13.  He was hired by his alma-mater Florida the next season.  Then began the big scourge in the Bulldogs' flesh over the years.  He coached for 12 successful seasons at the University of Florida, dominating the Dawgs by winning 11 games against them while only losing once.  From 2002-2003, he tried his luck in the NFL by coaching the Washington Redskins.  He was a very mediocre NFL coach which led to his quick firing.  

Spurrier went back to coaching in the SEC in 2005 as the South Carolina head coach and is coaching in Columbia to this day.  Steve Spurrier, or "the ole' ball coach" as he is called, is one of the most hated opposing coaches in Georgia history.  He has had great success against Georgia and on the college-level in general.  He took perrenial SEC cellar-dweller South Carolina and has seen improvement almost every season.  

In 2011 and 2012, Spurrier won 11 games for the first time in Gamecock history.  He has won 3 straight games against Georgia.  He has won 7 SEC Championships and 1 national title, and he has gone 197-75-2 as a head coach in his career.  

Spurrier's comments last offseason were not the only comments he has made slandering Georgia.  He has also jabbed at UGA for player suspensions, etc.  Spurrier's offseason comments were directed to Georgia not playing any of the Big 3 in the SEC in 2012 (Alabama, LSU, or Arkansas.)  South Carolina had a tough schedule with a brutal three-game stretch with Georgia, LSU, and Florida.  They also faced Arkansas later that season.  

This year is the opposite as the Gamecocks have a relatively easy schedule.  South Carolina avoids all of the SEC West powerhouse squads including Alabama, LSU, and Texas A&M.  Georgia has to host LSU in 2013 and play one of the nation's toughest early two- game stretches in Clemson and South Carolina.  

Spurrier has been very quiet this offseason because he has no room to joke.  I totally agree with Mark Richt's comments and hope Georgia can survive through this rugged schedule.   Hopefully, Richt's Bulldogs will reach Atlanta for the 3rd straight time and this time win.  Who knows? Georgia might hoist crystal in Pasadena.

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